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Collect-Us.Com Privacy Statement
What info is gathered
How we utilize it
How we use Cookies
SSL or Secure Mode?
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Safe shopping
Thank you for visiting Collect-Us.Com. The privacy and security of our visitors is a top priority for us. We have provided the following statement to make you aware of our policies regarding the information we receive from you.
Personal Info
When you order with Collect-Us.Com, we will ask you for certain personal information such as your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. Collect-Us.Com is concerned about keeping any information you provide to us private.

How we utilize the information we receive from you:

It is necessary to use the information provided by you to fulfill product orders you place.
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We may use such information to respond to any inquiries you submit. We may keep a copy of any correspondence. When any individual contacts us via e-mail, we do not add their e-mail address to our mailing list (unless you have given us permission). We also use the information to fulfill requests for product catalogs or place you on our emailing list if you so request.

We will NEVER make a list of postal addresses available to other companies. We do not share e-mail addresses we have on file. We respect your right to privacy.

Cookies and how we use them
A cookie is a text file containing a unique ID number that is transferred from the web site to your computer's browser. This allows the web site to track site navigation by its visitors. A cookie does not allow us to access any information about you that you have not previously volunteered.

Collect-Us.Com uses cookies to:
Enable you to use the shopping cart feature to place a product order online. If your browser is not set to accept cookies, the shopping cart will not function properly. If you prefer to not accept cookies on your browser, it may be necessary to call 1 800 320 PONY (7669) in order to place an order.

Most browsers are already set to accept cookies; however, you may choose to reset your browser. Please understand that certain areas within our web sites may not perform correctly if your browser will not accept cookies.

Our commitment to security:
At Collect-Us.Com, we have electronic and internal policy procedures in place to guarantee the privacy of every order placed online.

We use a SSL server to keep others from intercepting your information while being transmitted across the Internet. Because of negotiation and encryption overhead, connections through the Secure Server are unavoidably somewhat slower than other connections; thus only the pages containing your credit card information are placed on the secure server.

All information, once on our server, is protected from any external intrusions. Once your order is processed, we will not retain your credit card number in our online systems.

If you still do not wish to provide your credit card information for an online order, you may opt to phone, fax, or mail your order to us. All phone numbers and addresses are listed below.

Is my browser in SSL or secure mode?
To ensure you are in SSL or secure mode for your transactions, there are certain items you can check depending on the particular browser you use.

Netscape Navigator
Version 4.0: A lock will appear on the lower left side of your browser window. If this lock is open, you are unsecured. If the lock is closed, you are in a secure transmission mode.

Version 2.0/3.0: A key will appear at the lower left side of your browser window. If the key is broken, you are unsecured. If the key is complete, you are in a secure transmission mode.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
A closed lock on the lower right side of the browser window will indicate a secure transmission mode. If you are unsecured, the lock will not be present.

All browsers
Look for the "http" to be replaced with "https" in your browsers location/address window. This indicates that you are accessing a secure server. A blue border around your browser's screen is also very common when interacting with a secure area.

Contact us
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this statement, please contact us at

You may address any Internet-related correspondence to our Online Contact Center or:
PO Box 950427-N
Lake Mary, Florida 32795

Phone orders Continental U.S.
Phone: 1.800.320.PONY (7669)
Fax: 1-407-328-9222

Phone orders Outside U.S.
Phone: 1-407-328 7669
Fax: 1-407-328-9222

Mail Orders
PO Box 950427-N
Lake Mary, Florida 32795


Safe shopping on the Internet

We at Collect-Us.Com want your time on our web site to be as enjoyable. We employ several methods to keep your information private and secure throughout the ordering process. We value your patronage and input.

Here are a few suggestions that we think are helpful when conducting any transactions over the Internet:

Use a secure browser. Never consider your information private unless you are using a browser equipped with a secure mode. Information on the Internet can be accessed from the time it leaves your computer to the time it reaches its destination when not encrypted.

Always know who you are purchasing from.
Do not hesitate to ask questions, including those regarding how they process your order and keep your information secure and private. If they really want your business they will answer these questions. If you are unsure of a business, please do some research. (Since we have been providing fine Breyer Models since 1954, please feel free to contact them for a reference.) These few steps can assist you in having a very enjoyable Internet experience. Commerce on the Internet can be very economical and convenient, both for the business and you, the customer.


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