Top Gifts For Foodies – From Gourmet Baskets to Kitchen Gadgets

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Top Gifts for Foodies: From Gourmet Baskets to Kitchen Gadgets
The best gifts for foodies are a little more unique than the usual stocking stuffer or bottle of wine. They’re the items that help elevate their everyday culinary endeavors to professional chef status, from a new kitchen gadget to give them some edge in the kitchen to specialty condiments that will make their homemade pizza or cocktails all that much better. These are the presents that will truly make a difference in their life.

There’s a whole host of unique kitchen gifts to help them perfect their dishes, including this super stylish recipe journal. This hardcover book is filled with gorgeous pages for them to write down their recipes, create a cooking bucket list, and even draw pictures of their meals. Plus, it comes with a handy spill-resistant cover and a magnetic closure, so they can keep it on their counter for easy access.

Another great gift idea for the diehard dessert foodie is this blow torch, which will let them create a perfectly brûléed creme brulee every time. It features an adjustable 2700degF jet flame (and a child lock, so it’s safe to use around the kids), and the hand-sculpted wood base makes it a chic addition to their cookware collection.

For the foodie who’s always looking for ways to level up their home-cooked dinners, this meal delivery service will be just the ticket. Customizable with servings for two or four people, each box arrives with a mix of fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards. They can also customize their preferences when they sign up, such as choosing gluten-free recipes or ones that are vegetarian.

If they’re a fan of Italian cuisine, this gift box from Runamok will delight them with artisanal pastas, ravioli, and bread. It also includes a cookbook full of authentic recipes from their favorite chefs, plus it’s delivered right to their door.

This gift basket from Melissa’s is perfect for fruit lovers who love to experiment with exotic fruits. It’s brimming with citrus (except for Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas, which don’t allow citrus fruit shipments), as well as tropical treats like passion fruit, lychee, rambutans, and feijoas.

Foodies often say “cheese” when they’re happy, so they’ll be downright ecstatic when they unwrap this luxury gift set. It’s a veritable feast of cheeses from France and Oregon, plus charcuterie meats, olives, crackers, shortbread cookies, and jams to pair with them.

If they’re a true NYC native, this classic deli-inspired gift set is for them. It’s stocked with chocolate babka, half a pound of pastrami, onion rolls, and Jewish rye bread, all from the legendary restaurant. It even comes with an edible Metro Card cookie to finish the package.